MAIA AdVantage

The Setting:
The Massachusetts Association of Independent Insurance Agents (MAIA) requested for CRG to produce a Marketing Resource Center which would serve as an ad planner for the 1500 independent insurance agents of the association. As CRG currently manages the state-wide marketing and advertising for the association.

Our Approach:
CRG’s solution to this was the creation of, a website that offers specific marketing solutions for all MAIA agencies. The website also contains a secured media repository, allowing for registered MAIA Agencies to access logos, animations, as well as editable radio and television spots for their own use, allowing them to benefit by tying-in to the regional marketing effort.

The MAIA AdVantage website has received praise by both the MAIA organization, and its members, for it’s ease of use, and by increasing the value of being an MAIA member. The website is utilized by hundreds of independent agents every month.

Date Launched:
March, 2013

Website Turnaround:
8 Weeks

Technology Used:
WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AWS S3