Holiday Vacation Condominiums

The Setting:
Holiday Vacation Condominiums is a Timeshare Resort located in Yarmouth, MA. HVC was undergoing a transition from their previous website provider and was looking to improve upon their existing web presence. The Board was eager to launch a new website before the summer’s end to take advantage of their peak season.

Our Approach:
CRG went right to work on the website’s framework and design, while coordinating the project around an aggressive production schedule. Once all Photography, Videography and Editing was completed, the CRG website team hit the ground running to bring the project to completion before deadline. Core elements such as online reservations, owners portal, and communication forum were developed specifically for ease of use of both the websites’ visitors, and HVC Staff.

The completed website was launched on August 1st, 2013.

The website was met with praise by both the executive board of HVC, and it’s owners alike. The websites performance metrics at launch were well above expectation, tracking nearly 1,000 unique visits in the first month alone. All without any additional digital marketing efforts.

The website’s conversion rate is also remarkably strong, having over 20% of all visitors either registering for a stay online, or clicking through to the contact page. CRG contributes this success to the effectiveness of online video (the “HVC Virtual Tour” is viewed by 80% of all website visitors), and the site’s overall user experience. The website has been so effective in generating customers, that over the past two months, the resort has been at full capacity since the website has launched. Something which was never obtained in the past.

CRG continues to work with HVC as they move into their 2014 season, insuring that the success up to this point continues.

Date Launched:
August, 2013

Website Turnaround:
3 1/2 Weeks

Technology Used:
WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, phpBB, Wufoo